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Recent History


Our  Zambian venture began under the Foreign Investment Programme, through which we began operations in Zambia's gemstone mining industry. We grew to become Africa's largest Tourmaline producer, exporting globally to Asia, Europe and the USA. In recent years we have focused on manufacturing and retailing cut gems and fine jewellery. 

Jagoda's founders, Ross G Walker and his wife Claire Chan have been residents in Zambia since 1984 and have close to 50 years combined experience in the gemstone industry. Legend has it, that their interest in gemstones began after a holiday at Chibembe Lodge in the Luangwa National Park, where they by chance heard that there were gemstones to be found in the region. They soon acquired a shared interest in an Aquamarine mine in the Lukusuzi Game Park, near South Luangwa National Park.

The rest as they say, is history...

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